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 McMurdo pictures from OAE's

1961 - Larry Johnson

1963 - Ken Osicki
1970-71 - Dudley Vaughan
1972-74 - Ralph Lewis

1976-77 - Roly Hermans
1980-81 - Charlie Johnson
2007-2009 - Alan Light


Charles Adkins (William Field,  McMurdo - 1962, 1963) - Charlotte Denver nc

Jim Affeldt (McMurdo / Pole / Hallet / Vostok - 1968/69 72/73 75/76) - Rock Stream New York    I worked in the McMurdo fabrication shop. Did repairs at the Pole & Hallet. Drank with the Russians at Vostok.

Billy-Ace Baker (ASA, NSFA, McMurdo, Winters 63 67 71 and 75 Summers 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80) - Pensacola Florida USA .

Richard Barnard (Little Rockford station and McMurdo - 1961-1962) - Bullhead City AZ,  I spent the summer of 1961 at Little Rockford Station - five months; I then spent the winter at McMurdo; I was in Antarctica for 15 months.  I was at McMurdo when the PM-3A went critical in 1962. I was an RMSN when I was at Little Rockford and was promoted to an RM3 afterward.

Henry Hank Beck (McMurdo - 62-63) - Evansville Vanduburge   Helo Plane captain

Steven Bendzak (1968) - Colton, Washington   

Bill Bertrand (MCB6 and CBU201 1965-1966) - Harwich port , Ma  I worked on the water lines going and from the nuke plant , also worked in the nuke plant installing new boiler for water treatment plant. Turn on desalination unit and tested fresh water by drinking some, was pretty good (we thought).

Charles Chuck Bowen (VX6 68 - 69, 1969-70 in Christ Church, jet shop) - Brookfield NY   Server with Bogue, Majewski, Pignatare, Hadcock, Soupy Campbell, Al Grien, Gary Storm,

David M Bresnahan (McMurdo, South Pole, Palmer - 1967-2007) -   Worked in the US Arctic Program for forty years.  Currently working as Antarctic Expedition Leader for Holland America.

James J Burke Jr. (McMurdo - 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964) - New Hampshire and  Florida -  Worked cargo handling, mess cooking, Admin, drove the weasel track to the strip delivering Mail & Beer

Dennis Cannon (Summers of 64-65, 66-67 & 67-68) - Boise, Idaho   I was a Navy civilian engineer at the PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant for three summers in the 1960's, and travelled to the Pole and Byrd Station. I have an OAE Certificate from 1965.

Roger Case MD (1968-69) - Oak Harbor WA USA   Winter-over physician at McMurdo '68-69, and navy clinic physician at Chi-Chi Oct '69-Mar '70

Alan Chandler (Byrd VLF Substation Longwire - 1969, Summer 68, all 1969 and summer of 1970. Summer 1971 McMurdo) -  Woodinville WA -  

Morton O Childress Jr...(Marty Childress) (McMurdo - winter over 1969, 1970) - Louisville Kentucky email  Dental tech -  tipsy pin setter (bowling) - WASA dj - near death 6 months ago, BUT now looking forward to reunion in Nashville in 2021. (Little known fact: assisted in the recovery and identification of the bodies of the deadly helicopter crash near Mcmurdo. (so badly burned that they could only be positively IDed by their dental work), was the told cause of the crash...)

Daniel Claspill (McMurdo - Summers 66, 67, 68) - Healy Alaska  Aviation Electrician

Jerry Clark (McMurdo and Scott Pole Stations) - Social Circle Georgia    I would like to hear from anyone from summer tours October 1966 - April 1967 and October 1967 - April 1968.  I have kept up with a few of the men and would like to hear from anyone else on the ice during that time.

Jerry Clark (ASA Summer Support - McMurdo 64, 65, 66, 67 Fuels Div) - Toronto email Would like to hear from anyone in Supply and Fuel Division

Charles Claxton (McMurdo - 1963-1967) - Atlanta, Ga USA 

Harold Cordell (1962) - Richmond Texas  

Homer L Ellis "Lee" (McMurdo, Byrd - 1968  +1969) - Brownville Me 04414  USA.  Winterover 1/1/68 to 10/12/68, Byrd  10/12/69 to 2/19/70, Toney Mts.

Carl Evans (McMurdo and Williams Field - 1962-63) - Naperville, Illinois  AT2.  VX-6 Winter Over 1963, Crew R4D #17239.

V. Edward Fayan (McMurdo Sound, Quonset Pt. - 1961-1963) - Cumberland, RI 02864 

Melvin F. (Frank) Flowers (McMurdo - 1959-1961) - Lowell NC  W/O 60

William R. Fodor (McMurdo - Oct 68 to Oct 69) - Milltown email Was stationed at McMurdo, I was a 3rd class cook. I would like to hear from Greg Daigle but would love to hear from anyone I served with.

F Garland (MCB-8, Mobile Construction Battalion 8 - 1962-1963) - Cochabamba Bolivia -   Built condenser building for PM-3A power plant, later built wonder arch at Pole Station.

Kenneth W George (McMurdo CBU201 - '69) - Houston Texas USA  

Stuart Gould (McMurdo - 1966-1967) - Brookline Ma   Would love to hear from winter over group from that year.

Earl Griffith - Griff (McMurdo, Beardmore, Hallett - 1970-1973) - Helena, Montana   I was assigned to the firehouse gang at McMurdo for a couple of months until I made grade to AG-3, then on to Beardmore Glacier to take weather obs. Finally got sent to Hallett in Jan 71 and spent the next two seasons there. We closed the station in Feb 73. Capt. Van Reeth allowed me to keep the last American flag that flew over the station while still an active US Navy base. The Ice was the best damn tour in the Navy. Good people, good friends.

Grisham, Paul O. (1968) - La Mesa, CA, USA.    Winter-over meteorologists (USN) in 1968. Will be happy to talk to any of the ice rats...

Calvin Griswold (Griz) (1966-67, McMurdo Station/Yates Army Airfield Camp 1) - Ocala, Florida USA   Looking for friends working at that time that was in the Navy. I served as a mess cook at McMurdo from 1966-1967. I was with Antarctica Support Activities for the summer months. I few out of Davisville , Rhode Island to Christchurch, New Zealand. From there to Williams Air field to McMurdo Station. I had a list of the men that served with me but lost it during the years. Is there any way of finding out the names of the men who were stationed with me. I have pictures of them but can't remember their names. While there I also went on a 3 month expedition to Marie Byrd Land with a Army unit who few helicopters. It was called Yeats Army Airfield, Camp 1.

Robert Hankins - Hank (1962-63) - Belton Tex   W/O party Deep Freeze '63. Was an AG2 (weather guesser). POIC of Beardmore Sta. for 6 weeks prior to closing it down for the winter. Was held over a month in order to go back out and set up a new station. Old hut had sunk too far down in the glacier to be usable. Lots of memories (mostly good). Water supply had gotten contaminated just prior to our arrival, Rationing in effect. first shower on Xmas eve. To say McMurdo was aromatic was an understatement!

Howard Hanson - Hans (McMurdo and Hallett Stations, 1967-1969) - West Springfield MA USA   I was an ET at McMurdo and then the station ET at Hallett for two summers.

Arlie V. Hash, ASA / Electronics Division (grasshopper shack GURU) 1967 - 1968 W/O. Buffalo, Kentucky 42716  Would like to communicate with Frank Coffman, Al Garcia, Larry "Woody" Woodrow, Scott Carpenter, Bill Tolbert, Richard Heim, Chief Napik, and any others who endured  W/O - '67 / '68 at McMurdo.

Bob Hatfield "Snake" (McMurdo - 1969-1970) - Eaton Ohio    Don't hear much from or about Seabees I wintered over with. more fleet than anything.

Donald E Heibel - Don (NAF McMurdo Wintered Over 1960, October 1959 left Oct 1960) - Charleston SC   Air Traffic Control at Williams Field, next to the ice runway. Performed Air Traffic (AC-3) Services with a mini control tower and radar. Made GCA approaches during white outs. Wintertime was assigned in town to the Dog Sled Team.  Stormy, a malamute, was my companion and helper. We checked the fuel tank levels on the hill above camp. Drank with the Kiwis at Scott Base where my lead dog would get loose and fight with the Kiwis dogs at Scotts Base.  

George Hensen CBC Davisville NCBU201 (67-69) - Palm Bay Florida USA   Summer support 67-68, 68-69 EO2 2nd class diver worked on pier face in Quay my boss was Chief Parker 

Jay Hensiek (McMurdo - 66-67) - Yelm Wa Worked at public works dept. Transportation div. As CMH2  in heavy equipment shop

Russell Hinckley (McMurdo - 66, 67, 68) - Edmond OK, USA - Rank third class petty officer or iPo for short I enlisted during the the time when cooed come in with e 4 rank or the iPo ass the regular Seabees called us but after a time we all got along all the years were summer support got out June the 9 1968 back to Oklahoma and war weather.

Bob Hooker (McMurdo Sound 1961-1962) - Coram, Montana   Cuba &Puerto Rico before that and Spain after that

Jerry E Horton (1966- 68, 1973-77) - Raleigh NC  I would like to hear from photomates that I served with.

Richard Jaquish (McMurdo - 1961 to 1962) - Richland WA  With the US Public Health Service measuring background radiation at McMurdo

Michael Keever, Mike (1967-1968) - Egg Harbor Twp NJ  Need proof of deployment with detachment Charlie from Norfolk VA.

Larry Krueger (McMurdo dispensary - 1968 to 1969) - Fairhope AL, USA   

    I was a member of the 1968-1969 Winters Over medical group that took care of the military and civilians at McMurdo Station. I was the X-ray technician, Jack Moore was also a medical technician, also Eastwood and Minogue were hospital corpsman. Our physician was Dr. Roger Case from Whitby island, Washington . I roomed with the ship store clerk "swamp rat" from Georgia. We had a very good year on the ice and I guess we're the last personnel to live in the old Quonset huts, we're you could keep you beer cold under your bunk on the floor, but you had to check it to see if your beer had goober in it (frozen beer). I have quite a lot of pictures from the tour at McMurdo, Willie field, Byrd station and also the south pole station were I visited during my tour at McMurdo. I also have photos of Christchurch, New Zealand before the earthquake destroyed a lot of beautiful sites. I do miss my time on the Ice and would like to hear from others during the 68-69 tour.

Donnie Kuehl (1964-65 Naval Air Station Norfolk) - Glen Rose, Texas    Operation Deepfreeze; 1964 & 65, Combat Cinematographer / Aviation Crew Member.

George F. Laiblin RM2 (McMurdo Station - WO 63-64) -  Lake Tapps, Washington 98391   Would love to hear from from OAE 63-63

Larry O. Johnson,  RM2 (1961 - McMurdo, Little Rockford, Beardmore) - Beaverton -    I wintered over at the transmitter site on the hill. I spent 3 months at Little Rockford an 3 months at Beardmore Glacier. I was just a kid of 19. Great time and went from there to the submarine force.

Adelie penguin
See Larry's pictures

Larry Kaib (1965-1966) - Mckees Rocks, PA, 15136   Part of Winter-Over party on Deep Freeze 66. Started out running the electronics warehouse then moved over to run the automotive parts warehouse. Lots of fond memories from the Playboy Club next to Chapel Of The Snows. Lots of good friends from the supply corp of which I was a part. Also loved the following R&R in Christchurch. Wow, what a place. I'll remember the good times I had in the Deep Freeze tour and Christchurch forever.

Mike Liso (CBU 201 - 1966) - East Haven Ct-USA    Looking for anyone who served with CBU 201 and went to the Ice in 1966.We started the first de-saltation unit that ran from the Nuke Plant down to the Town.

John MARTY Martinak (McMurdo - 1963) - Belle Vernon Pa  

Robert McNeish - NavNuPU PM3A* - (1967) - Summerville, SC, USA  What a change from when I arrived and to see the building that is being used today to house and feed the crew. What a Change!! - email available

* I was one of those guys up on the hill at the Nuclear Power Plant. I was not a Nuke, Just the unit supply man. The definition is Naval Nuclear Power Unit (PM-3A). The PM-3A was the letter designation assigned to that particular Unit. Also up on the hill in one of the buildings was the water distillation units. The second was installed during w/o 67-68. In the same building was two large water tanks, one full of salt water, the second full of fresh water that supplied down town.

Bill Mesimer (McMurdo - 1961 and 1962) - Marietta GA USA  Trying to contact anyone that was at McMurdo during winter over party 1961-1962.

Jim Moore (1968) - California    Field worker for NSF based at McMurdo. Came down with Dr. Robert Feeney from UC Davis.  Operated a fish house on the Ice Shelf.  Also worked with most other research teams, especially penguin and seal research groups  

William (Bill) Murray Jr.  (NCBU 201, 1967 to 68) - Virginia Beach, email I was a CE 2

ET2 Frank Nadeau - (1962 -63 Winter Over) - Virginia, USA.  Wintered over 1962-63. Worked in the Comm Center halfway up the hill. Moved the Electronic spare parts from a snow bank outside the Comm Center down to the second deck of a newly constructed warehouse. New pictures don't allow one to figure out where the old buildings were. PM3A provided power when it was up. We lived in T-5 huts where the guy on the bottom bunk slept in a down mummy bag and the guy in the top bunk just used a sheet.  - email available

Ed North (McMurdo, Willie Field, 1965-1966) - Wolcottville, US   Was in Sea Bees, worked with crash crew during summer at Willie Field. Moved into Mac Town during winter and worked at fire house.

Ken Osicki (Zorro) (BioLab McMurdo, DF 63 - Broadview Hts, OH  Winter over 62-63 as Manager BioLab and Asst. Station Scientific Leader. One of the "USARPS" housed next door to the chapel.

See Ken's pictures

Michael Darwin Patterson, Pat (McMurdo - 1968-1970) - Guntersville, Alabama, USA   

Lou Pelosi (W/O 69-70) - Wake Forest, N.C.  ABF2- worked fuels at McMurdo and Williams Field.

John Pennington (1969-70) - Abilene Texas  (Radioman Second Class E-5, U.S. Navy), Wintered Over at McMurdo Station working at Transmitter Hill and Relay center.

Dave Petrie "DavemacP" - Halley Bay, Adelaide Island, McMurdo - 1963-65,66/67,69/70,73/74, Yetholm, Scotland  Beastie man etc. 2 years Halley Bay. First ice depth radio echo sounding by aircraft, Adelaide island. First Hercules flights radio echo sounding from McMurdo, discovered Lake Vostok. Fleming glacier radio echo glacier velocity experiments.

Richard Thomas Plichta Sr. (1965) deceased

Andy Prevento jr (W/O 68 - 69) - USA -   Wintered in 1968 and 1969 at McMurdo, enjoyed myself and what a trip, I rode one of the C121 super connies back to Christchurch NZ in Oct of 1969. Retired as a senior chief. best of luck would love to see the place now that it is all done.

Dick Przywitowski SKI (1966) - Lafayette, Colorado  Winter over at Pole Station 1966, Winter Over McMurdo Station 1968. Station Scientific Leader both stations.

Lee Quinn (1963 and 1964) - Hilo, Hawaii, USA email

Charles Rhodes (US Air Force 1720 aerial support group - 62) - Lamesa, Texas   I was stationed in Christ Church new Zealand with the 2720 aerial support go on C124 globe master ,we would make drop pallets and delete to McMurdo Sound to unload oil in drums and put 4 on s psllettbyo drop st wake and other brafii sites and we stayed in Quonset huts

Paul Rhoads (Hallett /McMurdo - winter over 66-70, summer support 71-72) - Houston, Tx. USA 

Mike "Rice-a-Roni" Rice RM2 (South Pole & McMurdo - 1969/1970) -  Carlsbad, California, U.S.A. Summered at South Pole Station, Wintered Over at McMurdo Station. Arrived McMurdo Sept. 1st, 1969 on VXE-6 Super Constellation "Pegasus", which crashed opening base the next year and is still down there. Departed Ice on 31 October, 1970. While at Pole was communicating with Max Conrad flying the "White Penguin" when he pancaked into the ice upon take off. His plane is still at the pole. Had Christmas dinner with Rep. Jerry L. PETTIS on Christmas day 1969 and made a phone patch to his wife. Jerry L. PETTIS Memorial V.A. Hospital in Loma Linda CA is named after him. That's where I go for treatment for cancer from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam in the 60's. Would like to hear from any other Winter Over 70 guys or ANYBODY who has endured the Long Antarctic Winter.

Burke Richards (1968) - Lewiston, Idaho, USA 

Paul Rhoads (McMurdo - WO 66,70, SS 71,72) - Magnolia, Tx. USA   

Carl Ruffer (McMurdo and Pole Station - 1969, 1970) - New Jersey    Looking to hear from any of the boys I served with from CBU 201

Van Sauve (McMurdo CBU201, 67-68) - Byers  email  I was in administration, PN3.

Bob Seiders (1961-1963) - Florida    NSFA aerographer's mate. Also at Little Rockford Station early 1963

Robert Schafer the pea (Little Rockford and McMurdo - 62-63) - Queen Creek Az  Primarily involved in weather balloon soundings at both Rockford and McMurdo.  Lived in the "Playboy Club" hut.  AG2

James P Smith (McMurdo - 1967, 68, 69, 70, 71) - Wallkill email  My DAD was there, they called him SMITTY. I have lots of pictures of the ice. He worked with the Seabees. There was a bowling alley. He did a lot of Artwork for CHRISTMAS and such. Cut out of plywood and painted The NATIVITY. Any info would be great.

Rich Spatz (McMurdo & Longwire, 1967-1968) - Pleasant Hill, California  USARP W/O McMurdo 1968 spent the summer of 1967 at Byrd sub-station Longwire

Thomas J. Stearns (Deep Freeze 1968) - Cleveland, Mn. 56017  Hut mates were: Downs, Holland, Bostwick, Cloer, Keilty, Konkel, McIntyre, Pogue, Rudloff, Simonton, Thomas, Wade, Meyer, Powell, Hanson & Fine.

Michael St. Pierre (summer support - 1969 McMurdo, 1970 New Byrd Station) - Hernando, Fl.

John Svensson (McMurdo, Deep Freeze 1963-1964) - Kalama, Washington  As I did Oceanographic work in the Arctic 600 miles north of Pt. Barrow, Alaska.  I am listed as one of the last 100 living Arctic explorers by Ohio State.

James M. Takos (McMurdo, September 1969 to January 1970) - Mission Viejo California USA email  Looking for others who were there.

Fred W Thompson (McMurdo and South Pole stations - 1961, 1962) - Hawthorne email  Builder 2nd class. Spent summer at pole station then winter over at McMurdo. At pole station repaired caving in structures and built new weather balloon launch building. Also fuel storage for generators fuel. At McMurdo built new fire station and 2 other 40 x 80 steel quonset buildings plus many repair jobs.

Ron Tisue (McMurdo Mile 160 - 1957-59) - Cincinnati, Ohio  Naval Weather service. Spent 18 days at Mile 160 to set up weather station with equipment from Little America . not exactly successful!. have many Photo/slides from the experience ! would like to hear from anyone there at the time.

Clinton "Gene" Van Horn (1967-1968 winter over) - Walker, IA  I was an RM2 with the winter over crew of 67-68. If any of the crew from that year would be interested in communicating, I would enjoy the connection.

Bruno Wahl (1961-1962) - Berkeley CA USA.  Antarctic Memories book by Bruno Wahl 1961/1962, Film Priceless Laboratory (1964), Bernt Wahl son publishing book.

Robert H. Walker (Bob) (Wintyer Over 1968) - Winter Springs FL USA - email Summer support & Winter Over Party 1966-67.

Jim Webb (WO 69-70) - Estes Park ,Colorado    USARP with NBS in Boulder

Eugene Whitehead (1961/1962) - Orange Park, Florida 32073   Also det ChCH 1964/1969

Jesse Williams (CBU 201 Davisville RI, Summer 1968 to 1969) - Moreno Valley, CA  email  Admin/Personnel, advance party to Christ Church (30 days!). Loved that beer; no barracks! We completed and dedicated the Frozen Storage bldg. at McMurdo. Enjoyed my tour.

Len Williams  "Willy" (MCB 1  Worked on Nuclear Power Plant McMurdo and spent 6 weeks at New Byrd Station - Summer 61, 62) - Ft Walton Beach  Florida email

Silas Willie Williams (MCB 6 NCEL Base, ASA McMurdo wo party ASA  Byrd Station Wo Party - 1964, 1966, 1969) - Ciniguita Honduras  email I got tired of the cold and retired in Central America on the beach.  Would like to hear fro anyone who was stationed at any of the bases or units I was attached to.

Randy Wood (1968 - 1969) - Friendswood, TX  Looking for a copy of the W/O 69 Cruise book

Jimmy "Woody" Woods (McMurdo PM3A plant - 63/64) - Timmonsville S.C.   

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Looking for E-4 Sherman Thomas, formerly aboard USS BELMONT AGTR-4, McMurdo Station 1968. My current location Buffalo NY email

I am looking for anyone who might have known my cousin William (Bill) White, Operation Deep Freeze Year/s 1960ish. I have a Christmas card he sent from Antarctica to my parents during the 60's. He was KIA Vietnam June 1969. Margaret-Mary Morgan, Seattle email Mar '21

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