Lancaster Sound, Bylot Island in the Distance

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Lancaster Sound, Bylot Island in the Distance

In Lancaster Sound en route to Croker Bay, the ships wake disturbing the surface of the sea.

Lancaster Sound was the traditional starting point for those explorers in the 1700 and 1800's who set off to look for the Northwest Passage. We had no difficulty at all sailing through it from ice on our trip. We encountered lots of ice but there was always plenty of water between and of course modern radar and an ice-strengthened steel hulled ship with powerful engines made our journey much safer than those in wooden sailing ships of around 100 tons or less and just a compass, the stars and dubious charts to guide them.

Air temp: +5ºC Latitude: 74º34'N Longitude: 88º58'W

Photo; © Paul Ward - These are pictures from a cruise to the High Arctic in high summer, from Resolute Bay, Canada to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.