Harebell - Wildflowers - Valley of the Flowers - Greenland

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Harebell  - Wildflowers - Valley of the Flowers - Greenland<br />, greenland, travel

Campanula rotundifolia - Harebell, a widespread and very varied species found in northern Eurasia and America and in mountainous regions further south.

This picture was taken in the "Valley of Flowers", Ammassalik in Mid-August. It sounds like a bit of a cheesy title that the place wouldn't really live up to, but it really does. The valley is quite short with a stream flowing through it that goes 2-3 miles from this lake at its source fed by water flowing down from the surrounding mountains. The stream flows through the middle of the town of Ammassalik. There are Arctic char in the lake and streams around it and to the sea.

The harebell prefers drier soils and so in Greenland grows on slopes as flatter areas are damper.

Photo; Paul Ward - These are pictures taken while travelling in Eastern Greenland in the Arctic summer.