Ammassalik / Tasiilaq Harbour and Boat - East Greenland

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Ammassalik / Tasiilaq Harbour and Boat - East Greenland, greenland, travel

A tourist day boat, used for taking groups on trips of several hours away from town to see ice-bergs or visit the coast. As you see, exposed all but for the small cabin which was occupied by the captain and another (no we weren't invited in!), so it's all outdoorsey which is fine as long as that's what you're expecting and are wrapped up properly, but is probably significantly lacking in refinement if you're not.

There seems to be a tradition of painting the names of the boats that used the harbour on the rock face in the back ground (and concrete base of the fuel tanks) which actually just looks like messy graffiti, even after you realise it's not supposed to be.

Photo; Paul Ward - These are pictures taken while travelling in Eastern Greenland in the Arctic summer.