Ammassalik / Tasiilaq - Geology by Boat 1 - East Greenland

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Ammassalik / Tasiilaq - Geology by Boat 1 - East Greenland, greenland, travel

With little vegetation covering the land, the geology is all out on display. I remember reading somewhere that the rocks in this part of Greenland were very old, not as old as the 3-4 billion year old ones in parts of Western Greenland which are amongst the oldest on earth, but still a very respectable 1-2 billion years old. The problem is I'm not a geologist and so while I get quite fascinated looking at rocks, I can only wonder at their origin and how they became the way they are. I think these are a mixture of granites and gneisses, but what do I know - I'm a biologist really.

Photo; Paul Ward - These are pictures taken while travelling in Eastern Greenland in the Arctic summer.