Inside Shackleton's Hut - 3

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Shackleton hut III

Labeling boxes and listing their contents is always important on large expeditions where supplies have to last for many months and more, as is storage so that they are readily available in the middle of winter.

Imagine feeling like a bacon sandwich and realising that the tinned bacon (no I'd never seen it either until I went to Antarctica - take it from me it's delicious) is outside in a case at the bottom of a pile of cases, under a tarpaulin that is now covered by a snowdrift that has solidified to ice. It's also pitch black as it's midwinter, it's blowing a blizzard and you don't want to think about the temperature. Plus actually, now you think about it, you're not really sure which one of three piles of stores the case you want is really in.

Photo; © Mike Usher - Pictures from an icebreaker cruise to Eastern Antarctica.