Scott Base - New Zealand - Ross Island Antarctica

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Scott Base

Scott Base is built on Pram Point, Ross Island, it is 3932 km (2114 nautical miles) from Christchurch New Zealand and 1350 km from the South Pole. The Antarctic mainland is 70 km away across McMurdo Sound. The base is permanently manned with up to 85 people in the summer and around 10 in winter. The American McMurdo base is just 3km away, a short walk over the hill.

The base was first built in 1957, it was a part of the New Zealand contribution to support the Trans-Antarctic Expedition and International Geophysical Year from 1956-1959. Construction of the base was carried out with the assistance of personnel and machinery from the nearby McMurdo base, a party of Seabees helping to level the the site where Scott Base now stands. Two of the original huts are still in use over 50 years later.

Photo; © Mike Usher - Pictures from an icebreaker cruise to Eastern Antarctica.