Grytviken Cemetery, South Georgia
Pictures Ulf Gustafsson, 2010 - 2011

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Grytviken Cemetery, South Georgia

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Grytviken cemetery contains 64 graves, mainly of whalers who died while working at the nearby whaling station but most famously of the explorer Ernest Shackleton who died on board his ship Quest on the 5th of January 1922 at South Georgia.

Grytviken is the site of an abandoned whaling station and currently active British Antarctic Survey research base on the north coast of South Georgia at 54 17'S, 36 30'W. It also has the South Georgia Museum which is in the building that was formerly the house of the whaling station manager.

 The name  means "pot cove" in Swedish, so called in 1902 by Johan Gunnar Anderson after the old "try pots" he found there, a relic of earlier activity by English sealers. Grytviken is a very popular site for tourist ships to visit.

Photo; copyright Ulf Gustafsson