Grytviken, South Georgia
Pictures Ulf Gustafsson, 2010 - 2011

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Grytviken, South Georgia

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Looking down at Grytviken, South Georgia. The brown rusting structures of all sizes and shapes date from the whaling station which was last used in 1965, an old whale catcher boat can be seen sunk and resting on the sea bottom at the centre of the picture.

In the distance is the restored and maintained whalers church.

The white building with the red roof to the right of the picture in the distance is the old whaling station managers villa which now houses the South Georgia Museum.

Grytviken is the site of an abandoned whaling station and currently active British Antarctic Survey research base at King Edward Point to the right of this picture, just out of sight. It is on the north coast of South Georgia at 54° 17'S, 36° 30'W.

Photo; copyright Ulf Gustafsson