Henry Gravill
Biographical notes

Engineer - Scottish Antarctic Expedition 1902-04

The Scotia at Laurie Island

Henry Gravill was 28 at the start of the expedition. he was engaged as second engineer, later promoted to chief engineer following the death of Alan Ramsay, first engineer who died on board the Scotia on the 6th of Aug 1903.

born: Dundee, Scotland
address: 93 Arbroath Road, Dundee

"Henry Gravill  is my great granduncle. His grandfather was Captain John Gravill of the Diana. He was very important at the time in Hull. He eventually died on the Diana after it was trapped in the ice. He has his portrait in the Hull maritime museum. Henry's father was also Captain John Gravill and he moved to Dundee. I knew he died quite young but recently found out it was due to injuries sustained from falling from the crows nest."

- Melanie Marsh

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What are the chances that my ancestor was an unsung part of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration?