Pete Tilbrook Christmas 1962
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Pete Tilbrook Christmas 1962

1962 - Daily Cook. In later years from the 1960's on (ish) there was a base cook amongst the compliment whose job it was to deal with all catering and associated matters. Prior to this with less personnel on base a specific cook was not needed and so the job was organized by rota.
When there was a cook on base he would have Sunday's off with the other base personnel taking the duty for that day on a rota basis. I remember my first turn in the summer spending a daunting day preparing food for 25 people. As it only happened about once every 3 months though, you just needed the one set of dishes for lunch and dinner if you weren't very adventurous - or competent as a cook. My first attempt at fried rice was skewed towards the stodgy as I recall, fortunately hungry young men in a cold climate are quite forgiving as long as the quantity is there.

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