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Signy Base Photo 1980 - Summer
Summer - 1980

Largest available file size

Signy Base Photo 1980 - Summer
Summer 1980, names

Largest available file size

Summer 1984 / 85
Standing l-r: Steve Clark (radio operator), Doug Allan, Rick Price (marine assistant), Ed Lemon (freshwater), Ian Hawes (freshwater scientist), Geoff Collett (terrestrial biologist), Mark Sanders (freshwater assistant), David Rootes (BAS - summer BC), Neil Rose (freshwater assistant), Vernon Attew (geophysicist), Eric Rigg (diver), Ian Lovegrove (rear- BAS - new summer BC), Paul Ward (front - marine biologist), Mick Dixon (? - diesel mechanic), Ian Johnston (geologist), Simon Cook (cook), Miles Plant (chippy), Andy Coupar, Paul Burren (marine assistant), Pete Macko (boatman), Barry Green (diesel mechanic). sitting: Paul Tearle (terrestrial), Paul Harrison (marine biologist)

Winter 1985
Standing l-r: Bradley Spiers (radio operator), Barry Green (diesel mechanic), Alan McPherson (doctor), Neil Rose (freshwater assistant), Simon Cook (cook), Geoff Collett (terrestrial assistant), Miles Plant (chippy), Eric Rigg (diver), sitting l-r: Paul ward (marine biologist), Pete Macko (boatman) Rick price (marine assistant), Andy Tucker (electrician), Paul Burren (marine assistant)

Summer 1985 / 86

Winter 1986 - Following visit of Polarstern (free t-shirts) after last call
Standing l-r: Norman Cobley (bird biologist), Andy Tucker (electrician), Jon Pickup (terrestrial biologist), Bradley Spiers (radio operator), Rob Day (diesel mechanic), Greg Wilkinson (diver), Steve Tucker (doctor), Simon Cook (cook), Neil Gilbert (freshwater), sitting l-r: Neil Rose (freshwater assistant), Dave Wright (terrestrial assistant), Pete Macko (boatman), Paul Ward (marine biologist)

Winter 1986 (midwinter)
Steve Tucker (doctor), Bradley Spiers (wireless operator/mechanic), Neil Gilbert (marine biologist), Simon Cook (cook), Dave Wright (terrestrial assistant), Greg Wilkinson (sitting - diving officer), Neil Rose (freshwater assistant), Andy Tucker (electrician), Rob Day (diesel mechanic), Norman Cobley (bird biologist), Paul Burren (marine assistant), Paul Ward (kneeling - marine biologist), John Pickup (terrestrial biologist), Pete Macko (kneeling - boatman)

Summer 1986 / 87

Summer 1986 / 87

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